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Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta


There is no doubt that Nature is the best host anywhere in the world, and Puerto Vallarta is not the exception. Every year, from December 8th to March 23rd, Puerto Vallarta welcomes one of the biggest marine mammals on the planet, the humpback whales!

Here’s where one of the biggest Cetacious come to give birth, feed their young, mate, and get ready for their great migration back to freezing cold waters.

It is impressive to watch the ability with which these giants swim, jump, and emerge, showing their majestic power with every movement. All of this without causing any harm to humans who-year after year-come to Puerto Vallarta to witness this unequaled Natural spectacle.
Not all boats can take part in these whale watching tours, since the permits for whale watching are issued by SEMARNAT, who happen to be very strict as they seek the protection and safety of these spectacular animals.

A humpback whale weighs up to 30 tons, and females can be up to 16 meters long and males up to 14. The pregnancy period of a whale is 12 months, sufficient time for a whale that mated in this bay to come back and give birth in these same waters.

A newborn whale weighs 2 tons and is 7 meters long. But even so, they are vulnerable to predators and they are dependent on the mother for a long time. Although a whole group of whales will be involved in protecting the newborn.

Your friends at Tours en Vallarta invite you to enjoy this fabulous spectacle offered by Nature for the upcoming season starting on December 8th. Until next time.

The magic of Puerto Vallarta awaits you

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